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Leslie Jensen



Every person deserves to know that they are enough and worthy of having their unique desires known. Feeling alone, lost or broken leaves us disconnected from those we love both physically and emotionally. 

Knowing more about yourself, learning to express yourself, and offering empathy to your loved ones is key to healing your relationships and reconnecting with others in an intimate way. 

My hope is that you will leave each session feeling validated, seen, and willing to connect with those you love.

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Areas of Expertise

All are welcome! I meet with individuals and couples who are looking to heal relationally and sexually. I offer my clients space to know themselves and to grow by sharing what they have learned about themselves with others.

Couples Therapy

I hold on to the whole picture as each individual learns, shares and grows in session. My unique approach to scheduling and session structure is aimed to provide you with guidance and space while healing from conflict and past hurts. I assist clients in understanding how a relationship changes over time and that you do not need to lose yourself in the process. I support each partner as they learn to share their true thoughts, feelings, and desires. My hope is that you will create clear ways to connect with and discover admiration for yourself and each other.

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Sex Therapy

Sexuality is an undeniable piece of the human experience. It is yours to define. And I am here to support you in this and the pursuit of pleasure.


Becoming a Certified Sex Therapist gave me the opportunity to understand human development from a sexual lens. I was required (and very much enjoyed) the study of how the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual intersect our sexuality throughout the life cycle in this day & age. Whether you are seeking therapy for this explicit purpose or want to work with a therapist who will not avoid the topic, I'm here for you.

I enjoy working with clients looking for support with any of the following concerns: 

  • Sexual health concerns, such as Pelvic Pain, Erectile Dysfunction, Vaginismus, Anorgasmia, etc. 

  • Conflicting Desire in Relationships

  • Changes in Sexual Desire or Sexual Drive

  • Sexual Trauma

  • Sexual Shame (religious or otherwise)

  • Marginalization due to sexual, romantic, or gender identity

I am kink, poly, & gender affirming.

Being a Therapist is my Passion

My offering to clients is rooted in my desire to learn and master theories and concepts that aid in healing. This work is also very personal to me, because it provides a constant opportunity for me to reflect on my own life and relationships. It is a privilege and inspiration to observe my clients' lives, learn from their discoveries, and reflect their growth back to them!


If you are considering working with me, I am honored.

In an effort to support my passion with true expertise and community, I have pursued the following trainings and obtained the following certifications:

Badge for Graduating from the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy training under Ellyn Bader, PhD. at The Couples Institute

The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy

Think Differentiation meets Attachment Theory with a bit of Neuroscience mixed in. We cannot have one without the others and I will show you how to notice and grow in each way. 

I am a Graduate of The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy Training under Ellyn Bader Ph.D. at The Couples Institute

Badge received for being a Certified Sex Therapist through the American Association for Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists.

AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

In addition to my degree and licensure, this association required over 514hrs of the following: 

  • Human Sexuality Education

  • Advanced Clinical Sexology

  • Sex Therapy Training in theory, methods, interventions & ethics

  • Attitudes and Values Training

  • Clinical Experience with clients

  • Supervision

  • Continuing Education Units and Renewals are also required


AASECT stands for the American Association for Sex Educators, Counselors,and Therapists

Other Methods & Interests

Lately, I have enjoyed studying: 

  • The Art of Giving & Receiving by Betty Martin

  • The 4D Wheel by Gina Ogden

  • Sensual Self by Ev'Yan Whitney

  • Come As You Are (2021) by Emily Nagoski

  • The Penis Book by Dr. Aaron Spitz, MD

  • Whatever book I can find about PNW Native Plants!

Call or Text


non-emergency line


I offer limited in person sessions one day a week in Pioneer Square, Seattle. All other sessions are  conducted via telehealth across Washington and Oregon State.

Physical Address

Shelterwood Collective
108 S. Jackson St
Seattle, WA 98104


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