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Couples Therapy: What To Expect

Have you found yourself "walking on eggshells", keeping your ideas to yourself, and being stuck in unpleasant power dynamics? Are you experiencing less intimacy than you'd like and don't know why or how to change it? I'm here to help you to learn more about yourself, to have the courage to share it with your loved one, and to navigate from a "no" to a "yes" when you ask yourself the question, "Is my partner there for me?" I would be honored to help you reconnect. 

How does scheduling couples therapy work?

In the past, I have seen couples on a weekly basis for 50 minutes. I found that these sessions often ended with cliffhangers and little time for true reflection and deep understanding of how progress could be made.


I now offer 90 minute sessions on an every other week basis to couples, which allows more ease in scheduling, depth of understanding in session, and time to put the quality work from session into action. Bi-weekly sessions are also more cost effective than weekly sessions despite the longer session length.

Please be aware that I highly recommend that every couple engage in a 3 hour Storytelling and Goal Setting Session within the first couple months of meeting. This can also be spread over other sessions. Questions are welcome! 


How much does couples therapy cost? 

My fees for couples therapy sessions are as follows: 

  • 90-minute Couples Sessions (twice a month): $415

  • 3-hour Storytelling & Goal Setting Session (one time only): $830


Do you accept insurance?

I am an Out of Network Provider and am unable to bill insurance. You will receive a superbill each time we meet so you can submit claims through your insurance's process for claims as you go. 

You will want to know about your insurance benefits before we begin meeting if you plan to submit claims. Please see my Out of Network Provider Resource for more information on how submitting claims works specifically for couples therapy. 

For a quick check, you may want to try out this Reimbursement Calculator by nirvana. (Session Type: 90847)


How long will we be in couples therapy? 

The duration of couples therapy will be determined by the concerns you bring and the goals you set for yourself. My focus will be to help couples find their footing and get sufficient practice in sharing their authentic thoughts, feelings, desires, and dreams with each other! I will assess your progress throughout treatment and share feedback of this kind in each session. 

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